Travel insurance: will a volcano ruin your trip?

Some of you may have seen the ad for travel insurance with the young woman holding a pair of designer jeans that cost her over $28,000. How so? She decided to do a little cross-border shopping at the outlet stores in Washington state. She bought a pair of designer jeans for $32! What a steal! She wore them immediately. Shortly after her purchase, she fell down some stairs, busting her knee and having surgery at an American hospital. Travel insurance? She didn’t get it for the day.

Besides the medical aspect of travel insurance, you can also get trip interruption (during the trip) or trip cancellation (if something happens before the trip). These are good options to have if you’ve paid in advance for a cruise, all-inclusive tour or expensive plan tickets to Dubai. If a sickness, accident or illness should occur to you or an immediate family member, you can postpone your trip without great financial repercussions. If your trip is interrupted while you’re abroad, trip interruption insurance can help.

The Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada has great news and updates that should be checked before departing on a trip. For instance, did you know that if you are traveling to Cuba, you are required to have proof of health insurance coverage (this includes provincial plans) when entering the country?

Natural events such as the Icelandic volcano eruption in April can drastically affect your travel. Most insurers would cover this but you need to check your policy and understand what would or would not be covered and how you would make a claim.

Being prepared for your trip can make a huge difference and give you piece of mind.

Bon voyage!

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