Happy New Year!

Here we are in 2011, all set to go and meet our financial goals this year! Right? Attaining what we want isn't always easy, if it was, so many of us wouldn't be breaking our New Year's Resolutions within the first two weeks of January. Here are some tips for how to reach your goals:

1. Know what you want. Be clear about your goal; is it SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely)? Write it down! If you want to save $800 for your next vacation May long weekend (Sasquatch, perhaps?), write it down - and know that you need to save $100 from each paycheque from now until then. 2. Commit. Know that you can achieve your goal and talk about it with others. This creates a sense of accountability and can garner support. 3. Review your goal. Things change and life happens. When you meet a roadblock or fall off the wagon, reasses, modify your plan as need be (ex. saving $150/paycheque) and continue on.

Good luck this year!

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