August – vacation time!

Many of you will be away for the long weekend camping, hiking or visiting family or friends. For those of you staying closer to home, many cities have festivals and events to keep you and your family entertained. For the rest of the month, whether you’re lounging at the cabin or jetting off every weekend for mini-vacations, be sure to take some time for yourself and achieve any goals not yet reached for 2010.

  • Be inspired – to choose your career, pay off debt, and more!
  • Read a good book on vacation.  A few easy and entertaining reads include Sway: The irresistible pull or irrational behavior/ Ori & Rom Brafman (a fascinating look at why the decisions we make in life, business, relationships and finance are not logical). Freakonomics/Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner (another look at why and how seemingly unrelated concepts are related >like Guinness and the Great Depression). Stay tuned later for a full posting on book reviews.
  • Get out and enjoy the sunshine and all the free events your city has to offer! In Victoria, check out the City of Victoria’s page. For all of BC, search here.
  • Take a coupon with you. Next time you’re heading out, grab a coupon to help you save money. Be sure that you’re using coupons for places you were going to anyway (or an alternative) and not shopping or dining because you have the coupon – the idea is to save money, not make excuses to spend more! In Victoria, the Savvy Squirrel Coupon book is great for anyone, not just parents or families. The Entertainment Book (various regions) has many deals including oil changes and grocery discounts. You can even trade online for coupons you won’t use for those you need!