Dear friends,

Many of you know some of what I do (through glimpses of my social media posts, or through working with me in the past), but I want to update you on what I am able to do now and extend the offer to help, if you need it.

My current area of focus is to help small business owners get a clear visual plan of their personal and business finances. Bank account architecture, cash flow statements, risk management, and goal planning are the fancy terms that basically mean I help people get their sh** together. I offer this for families as well. And I can always help with the life and health insurance (for mortgage coverage, buy/sell, family income protection, etc.). The latter is primarily why I am reaching out. The guilt of not touching base with those I care about, to make sure they have everything they need (whether that’s information, reassurance, or insurance/planning) is compounded when the unthinkable happens within my circle of friends and family.

What I can do?

  • Life insurance

  • Disability/Critical Illness insurance

  • Group benefit plans, individual health & travel insurance

  • RRSPs, pension transfers, RESPs, seg funds. (No mutual funds)

  • Money coaching

  • Small business financial consulting/coaching

  • Estate and Retirement Planning

Obviously I’m not an expert in everything, but I am fully trained and can identify issues to address in all of the above topics. I am unable to give formal guidance or advice, except to clients, but I am always happy to answer questions of a general nature about money, finances, investing, or insurance.

I have my Certified Financial Planner CFP), Certified Health Insurance Specialist (CHS), and Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) designations and am life/health insurance licensed in BC and Ontario. I have 12 years (where does the time go?!?) experience in the financial planning/insurance industry.

See more on my packages page (family fee-for-service plans) and always reach out if I can help. There is never a fee for insurance discussions.

With love, light, and many hugs,